Jeff Frederick Plumbing & Heating is based in Holliston, MA - serving the Metrowest area, Worcester and Blackstone Valley. With 70 years combined experience in plumbing, heating and cooling, we can do the jobs other companies can't or won't do. We're licensed & insured for residential and commercial plumbing + HVAC.

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We're experts in residential and commercial plumbing, with over 70 years combined experience

Plumbing problems for the home, and plumbing problems for the business come in all shapes and sizes. But the difference between the two is largely one of capacity. In a commercial environment, depending on the situation, you may need a significantly larger fresh water supply and sewerage outflow than you would residentially. Likewise, in a residential environment, there may be situations where, because it's residential and your capacity needs are not as large, your solutions choices may vary more than you might initially expect.

For example, because a residence will typically not need any fire sprinklers, you won't need as large of a water service as a business. And yet, even with that being true, there can be situations where residential water flow is insufficient and the service needs to be upgraded. Also, because the Metrowest area has so many older buildings and older homes and because many times a business can be operating in a converted residential building, in our service area there can be many plumbing problems which are similar between small businesses and residential situations.

But whether it's a small business, large commercial situation or your home, the most important thing for your plumbing situation is that you have experienced professionals who can assess your needs and help you choose an affordable, effective solution. In some situations, because of the plumbing code, the building code and the basic needs of the situation, there won't be many choices; sometimes the choices are  only "how fast can to fix this?" and "how much will it cost?".

Other times, especially when you are planning to make improvements, we can help you choose a solution which best fits your design goals and budget. But whatever your situation; whether it's an emergency, or whether you're ready to start making  design decisions and you want expert help, we're available to assist.

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We install, service and repair residential and commercial heating systems, boilers and furnaces

With heating systems, the service choices largely line up along several major dividing lines; commercial or residential; natural gas or oil, hot air (furnace) or forced hot water (boiler). However, in commercial situations, due to the capacity variations and situation specifics, there can be far more variations in the possible solutions than in a residential situation. But at the same time, depending on when your home was built and the size, the heating system you currently have now might not be the best one for you.

Also, although the majority of homes and businesses in Massachusetts don't have a purely electric heating system, with today's new solar tech advances, it is possible to use solar power to positively impact your heating. If that's your situation, we can work closely with your electrician as needed, to assist in that area. And this can be especially important, if you have an electric water heater and if your situation calls for more than a plumbing repair or upgrade.

Another choice when it comes to water heaters is to upgrade from "on demand" to stored hot water. Making a change like this can readily solve your supply issues.

Most people know that with gas or electric , you will typically have a hot water tank. But in what some people don't know is that if you have an oil burner with an "on demand" water heater,  we can replace that by adding a stored hot water tank to your system. This solution, which  operates with a large well insulated tank, using its own heating zone pump, can be far more affordable than you think. With a stored hot water system, you can run the dishwasher, the washing machine and take a shower all at the same time, without running out of hot water.

But whatever your situation might be, which ever your heating or hot water needs might be,  when  comes to the basics of oil heat and gas heat, the most important things are that your heating system should be affordable and reliable. And for that reason, if you need emergency help, we we're available when you need us.

If you want to replace older equipment, repair or upgrade your service, change your service type (form oil to gas, or gas to oil)  or improve your system efficiency to save money, the first step begins with calling an experienced professional. At JA Frederick, we are experienced plumbing, heating & HVAC professionals, and we'd love the opportunity to help answer your questions.

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Have you got a challenging Air Conditioning or HVAC situation? Do you need an reliable team who can handle any situation? We can help.

With air conditioning systems, the end result which everyone seeks is very simple: When it's hot outside, your air-conditioning system should work reliably and keep you cool. But beyond that, may variables come into play: How many tons of capacity do you need? Will you need duct work installation or repairs? Do you need air filtration? Do you need a standalone system, new installation, system upgrades, replacement, or repairs? 

When it's hot outside, that's when you need A/C. But when you're thinking ahead and want to prepare with quality service now, that's when you should call us.

We'll assess your situation and put a solution plan together, along with an affordable price quote. Don't wait until the next heat wave to start freaking out about your broken, inadequate or worn out air conditioning. Instead, call us today and we'll help you start now, so you won't be in a panic when the hot weather gets here.